Necromancer Queen's Journal

Entry #1

My new lab assistant arrived, today. He seems reasonable. His strength and bone density are both very high, and should be useful for experiments that need more brawn than brains. He is not overambitious, and seems content to perform my commands with little to no questioning - and when he does question me, it's not out of arrogance; he seems to want to learn.

This encouraging – while I have no interest in apprenticeship, being able to explain my reasoning from time to time should give me the opportunity to reflect on my own actions and augment my work. Plus, he may even give me a valuable new perspective with regard to other ways in which to perform my experiments. After all, I often overlook the simpler solutions in favour of unnecessarily complex ones. The curse of a superior intellect, I suppose.

His name is Draal, and I have sent him on an errand to gather certain materials I need to perform a summoning ritual later tonight. I intend to consult with a particularly loyal Djinni by the name of ████████, whose insight has proven incredibly useful over the years. Her desire for arcane experience outweighs that of her need to return to The Essence from whence she came, so she is usually more than happy to help me with my tasks.

It is this reason, in fact, that I have taken so long to find need for a lab assistant. ████████ recently requested a large leave of absence to recuperate her spirit, so for the past several weeks she has been allowing The Essence to recover her vitality in that formless plane about which I am so curious. I had been hoping to let her stay there for a time longer, but certain events have recently necessitated her input – and that of a dogsbody to procure me the reagents and minerals I otherwise would have requested from ████████.

The ghost visited me last week, seeking help.

Her name was Aubrey, before she died. Somehow, she is able to remember being human. Unlike the rest of us, whose memories died along with us (save that vague understanding of our past form and world), Aubrey remembers her name, the sights and smells of Human Realm, and most curiously she claims to be able to feel the dirt under her fingernails and a 'hunger', the sensation of which is foreign to me.

Academically, the concept of hunger is one I understand, but I do not remember it from my time as a human. Only by studying the dogs who insist on devouring our brethren am I able to see its effects on the psyche.

Aubrey has been dead for several weeks now, and has been drifting through my lab from time to time. At first, this bothered me; the last thing I want is sensitive information to leak – especially my Djinni's name. I do not want another mage to be able to summon her and command her to reveal my secrets. At any rate, as time went on it seemed Aubrey was purely interested in the metaphysical properties of our afterlife much like I am. While I requested she not enter my lab uninvited, I frequently hear a call from outside the door like the one I received last week.

Your Supremacy,” it came muffled from the entrance to my laboratory. “I most humbly request an audience with you.”

I recognised the voice as Aubrey's, draped a sheet over my work, and pulled open the heavy double doors to beckon her inside.

Aubrey. It's good to see you. What can I help you with?” I asked her.