(18:01:14) whiscash: http://cache.symphonum.com/i/M_I_L_W_A_U_K_E_E.png
(18:02:00) tombHansole: that link is broken
(18:02:54) whiscash: copy and paste it? should work
(18:03:11) tombHansole: nope
(18:03:18) whiscash: ok hang on, lemme try it as plaintext
(18:03:20) tombHansole: i think it's trying to go to those directories
(18:03:23) whiscash: http://cache.symphonum.com/i/M_I_L_W_A_U_K_E_E.png
(18:03:39) whiscash: which bowser are you using
(18:03:50) tombHansole: chrome
(18:03:51) whiscash: mario 64 or u r mr gay 2
(18:04:14) whiscash: http://cache.symphonum.com/i/
(18:04:28) whiscash: go here and click the link? or just right click the file
(18:04:29) tombHansole: super nintendo chalmers
(18:04:38) whiscash: i mean it's not worth the effort at this point but i wanna know why it isn't working
(18:04:44) whiscash: i am also using super nintendo chromers
(18:05:22) tombHansole: p sure it's the way chrome tries to resolve a new url
(18:05:50) tombHansole: wait
(18:05:52) whiscash: underscores in a filename make no difference
(18:05:56) whiscash: they are just characters
(18:05:58) tombHansole: http://cache.symphonum.com/i/M_I_L_W_A_U_K_E_E.png
(18:06:09) tombHansole: no it's the /s it doesn't like
(18:06:24) tombHansole: http://cache.symphonum.com/i/M/_I/_L/_W/_A/_U/_K/_E/_E.png
(18:06:31) whiscash: ...there are no /s in it
(18:06:35) tombHansole: well
(18:06:41) tombHansole: the link you sent me had /s in it
(18:07:05) tombHansole: M/_I/_L/_A/_U/_K/_E/_E
(18:07:16) whiscash: it seems to have attempted to escape the underscores for some reason
(18:07:20) whiscash: when they don't need escaping
(18:07:21) whiscash: how odd
(18:07:25) tombHansole: but
(18:07:30) tombHansole: that's not how you escape?
(18:07:35) whiscash: true
(18:07:40) whiscash: it should be a backslash
(18:07:46) whiscash: in that case i have no clue
(18:07:50) whiscash: i even sent it as plaintext
(18:07:50) tombHansole: that's weird as fuck
(18:07:51) tombHansole: so
(18:07:54) tombHansole: you sent it as plaintext
(18:07:57) tombHansole: and
(18:08:05) tombHansole: whatever you're using now fucked it up
(18:08:06) tombHansole: okay
(18:08:07) tombHansole: i see
(18:08:09) whiscash: http://cache.symphonum.com/i/M_I_L_W_A_U_K_E_E.png
(18:08:11) whiscash: did that work
(18:08:15) tombHansole: no
(18:08:16) tombHansole: slashes again
(18:08:18) tombHansole: do you not see them?
(18:08:20) whiscash: wtf the fuck
(18:08:21) whiscash: no i don't
(18:08:24) tombHansole: omfg
(18:08:49) tombHansole: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/238225440119062529/341628282938327042/unknown.png
(18:09:05) tombHansole: this is fucked up
(18:09:09) whiscash: http://cache.symphonum.com/i/M_I_L_W_A_U_K_E_E.png
(18:09:13) whiscash: weird
(18:09:19) whiscash: it works if i paste it in via discord
(18:09:50) whiscash: i will run this past eion who made the discord plugin