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(18:22:25) Dylan Birchwood: What the fuck did you say to Teeps?
(18:23:05) araignéeRégnant: basically that i'm sorry for being a douche to her in the past
(18:23:17) araignéeRégnant: did she say shit to you?
(18:23:24) araignéeRégnant: i didn't mean to get you involved xD
(18:24:03) Dylan Birchwood: No, I just sent her a message asking if she had pics of me from that party
(18:24:23) Dylan Birchwood: She seemed suspicious as fuck 'cause we'd both contacted her on the same day out of nowhere
(18:24:33) Dylan Birchwood: Cold as fuck to me
(18:24:36) Dylan Birchwood: What did I do?
(18:24:39) araignéeRégnant: that is a weird coincidence
(18:25:05) araignéeRégnant: i don't blame her for being suspicious but oh well, whoops :p
(18:25:11) Dylan Birchwood: I remember her bf at the time calling me rapey, but did I actually do anything creepy?
(18:25:17) araignéeRégnant: also you did nothing
(18:25:45) araignéeRégnant: you met her one time and chatted online a bit
(18:25:58) araignéeRégnant: i think her bf just poisoned the well
(18:26:23) Dylan Birchwood: I want to strangle the cunt
(18:26:37) araignéeRégnant: yeah he was a tool
(18:26:54) Dylan Birchwood: So what did you do that I got lumped with?
(18:27:09) araignéeRégnant: i mean i wasn't a good friend to her but he really hyperbolised it
(18:27:37) araignéeRégnant: i just had a crush on her and didn't handle it well, was a bit clingy and gross
(18:28:03) araignéeRégnant: but he was super jealous and made me out to be some major creep and, like i said, poisoned the well
(18:28:16) Dylan Birchwood: You are a major creep though
(18:28:20) araignéeRégnant: it's bothered me for a while that i was a shitty friend
(18:28:23) araignéeRégnant: haha
(18:28:30) araignéeRégnant: i kind of am, yeah xD
(18:28:38) araignéeRégnant: i definitely was then
(18:28:44) Dylan Birchwood: Which isn't funny in the slightest.
(18:28:51) araignéeRégnant: ?
(18:28:59) Dylan Birchwood: You being a creep
(18:29:22) araignéeRégnant: i don't think i'm a creep
(18:29:41) Dylan Birchwood: Yeah, and you'll never change.
(18:29:58) araignéeRégnant: what are you saying here?
(18:30:17) Dylan Birchwood: I'm saying you're always going to be a predatory creep.
(18:30:27) araignéeRégnant: how am i predatory
(18:30:39) Dylan Birchwood: Are you fucking kidding me?
(18:31:29) araignéeRégnant: i maintain pretty healthy relationships with people, i don't ask for nudes, i try not to get hung up on crushes
(18:31:43) araignéeRégnant: i'm not seth
(18:31:46) Dylan Birchwood: How many people have you got intoxicated only to try and pressure them into sexual situations?
(18:32:00) Dylan Birchwood: No, you're smarter than him, which makes it worse.
(18:32:18) araignéeRégnant: i don't get people drunk and try to fuck them wtf
(18:33:19) Dylan Birchwood: I can't tell if you're genuinely in denial or if you're just being your usual manipulative self.
(18:33:55) araignéeRégnant: i guess i'm genuinely in denial? i don't recall any times i've done that
(18:34:25) Dylan Birchwood: Well there's what happened the last time I stayed over at yours for starters.
(18:34:34) Dylan Birchwood: You've tried it with Craig.
(18:34:34) araignéeRégnant: do you sincerely feel this way about me? i'm troubled by this and i don't know what to think
(18:34:40) Dylan Birchwood: Fuck knows who else.
(18:35:15) Dylan Birchwood: I don't give a fuck what you think. I've had this elaborate revenge scheme planned and now I just can't be fucking bothered.
(18:35:32) Dylan Birchwood: I fucking despise you.
(18:36:05) Dylan Birchwood: Not in the "Oh, he needs some time away from me" way. I truly fucking hate you.
(18:36:16) Dylan Birchwood: I pity anyone who falls for your bullshit.
(18:36:27) Dylan Birchwood: I fucking despise you.
(18:36:40) Dylan Birchwood: Oh, i already said that.
(18:36:52) Dylan Birchwood: Regardless.
(18:37:06) Dylan Birchwood: You're never going to have a healthy relationship with anyone.
(18:38:04) Dylan Birchwood: People will see you for what you are and piss the fuck off.
(18:38:31) araignéeRégnant: what was the revenge scheme
(18:39:13) Dylan Birchwood: Unfinished.
(18:40:08) Dylan Birchwood: I couldn't decide whether to drive you to suicide, or drive everyone away from you.
(18:40:37) Dylan Birchwood: Use your own shit against you.
(18:41:00) Dylan Birchwood: The thing is, you'll do the latter yourself.
(18:41:13) Dylan Birchwood: So I was leaning towards suicide.
(18:42:04) araignéeRégnant: i doubt that would have worked, but if you'll accept any advice from me it's to allow me to excise myself from your life entirely so you can move on without me in it
(18:42:29) Dylan Birchwood: I plan to. I don't want a fucking thing to do with you any more.
(18:42:38) Dylan Birchwood: God help any person you ever take interest in.
(18:42:41) araignéeRégnant: i'm sorry i've made you feel this way but that's not important, i understand you want nothing to do with me so i won't try to stop gou
(18:42:49) araignéeRégnant: you*
(18:42:57) Dylan Birchwood: You're disgusting.