My name is Kaolin Maia Cash, and I am not sure how to begin this transaction.
By "transaction" I mean I am giving you information about me and I am not sure what to expect in return.

I do not know if moderation is still on the table at this point; the post I am replying to was *edited* today, in response to a poor moderation experience. I do not know if your site has let other moderators go, or if you are just warning them. At any rate, I would be remiss if I did not throw my own hat into the ring, as I feel my experience and openmindedness facilitates a good moderator of any forum.

I have had much experience with forum admin and moderation, so that's not really an issue, but I'm sure everyone else you have been looking at is also experienced in the same way. Anyone can make a forum, after all.

It is 8:19AM here, GMT, and I have spent the last several hours refreshing your website because I want to see what my friends think about things I said to them. I don't need to be awake right now, but I am because I care.

I enjoy seeing people having fun, more than anything, and I definitely don't want to get political about that. My favourite thing to do is lurk. If you see me responding to a thread, it's because I have something to say.

Lastly, I am transgender, so if anyone complains about unfair treatment I can always point out that I am on their side ;D I only ever go so far as to *block* people because they're doing something blockworthy. In fact, I have only blocked one person in the past. I ran a minecraft server several years ago, wherein one person was facilitating a great deal of griefing. He had followers, but once I blocked him they never troubled me again. That is the only time I ever blocked someone.

At any rate, if the moderation queue is closed then that's fine and I understand. All I ask is that you consider me, because this website is objectively great and I'd love to make sure it stays that way.

Kaolin Maia Cash

p.s. what follows is a rundown of my contact information:

email: [email protected]
twitter: @kaolincash
furvilla: whiscash (9235)



My forum, The Bone Zone:
I am the admin, kaolincash. This is not my first forum.
The others have long since been discontinued.

My deviantart:
I used to run a deviantart group on there, the link is:
The reason I quit that is because I began university at that time and had to cut something out.
I informed my co-hosts of this.

My Tumblelog:
I have made a point of not reblogging sexually provocative material of late;
I am 100% certain my blog can be considered clean and openminded, not just in terms of gender identity but in a neutral sort of sense as well.

My youtube:
Here is a video I made for my father on father's day.

I care about my public image almost as much as I care about others.
I hope this this apparent, and helps to facilitate your decision.

Regardless of the outcome, I thank you for your forethought and encourage you to consider the following:

Lots of people really care about their gender identity and it may well be a good idea to have a section of the forum devoted to people who can feel safe there.